Cook 300px Basic Information Type:  Support
Speed: 100%

133% (when greased; same as Scout)

Would you like cheese with that blood?
The Cook to her victims

The Cook is a close range mance on the battlefield, speeding across it without a care in the world. She tags along with larger classes, such as the Demoman and Heavy, providing a speed buff from her grease. But she can still handle herself too, packing a large caliber deringer to blow off enemy's faces, or her rolling pin, which can get to ludicrous speeds.

Basic strategyEdit

  • Your grease has many uses! Throw into a group of enemies to slow them down, or into your allies to speed them up, or drink it yourself, and power yourself up!
  • Your Deringer has a big spread, and an even bigger damage falloff. Get right up in your enemy's face and blast it to smithereens.
  • Due to your speed and weaponry, if no Scout is present, you can serve as a good substitute.
  • Flank your opponents! Get behind them and blast them, or hit them with your rolling pin to get some free whacking speed.
  • You have low health, and are quite vulnerable to heavy fire or explosives. Stick near a teammate, such as a Medic.


  • Primary: Deringer
  • Secondary: Bottle 'o Grease
  • Melee: Rolling Pin