You know, your face looks better that way.
The Smasher to the victim of a deflected rocket

Deflector Slice is a taunt attack for the Smasher incapable of doing damage. Upon taunting with the Powershot equipped, the Smasher will take a deep breath, wipe his face with his Toss-Proof Towel, and spin around while wielding his racket. It will reflect any projectiles in the immediate area upon completion. It takes 5 seconds to execute, however, which makes it risky for all but the most experienced Smashers, as you could easily be hit by the very projectiles you are trying to deflect. Use it only in desperate situations

Notable UsesEdit

While fighting Samuel Gun during the events of Well, Matthew Greenfield used this taunt to deflect Samuel's Kamikaze grenade. However, this left Matthew open to a vicious barrage of punches, killing Matthew for the second time.