Let me introduce you to a friend of mine. His name is PAIN.
The Smasher's form of greeting
Smasher 300px Basic Information Icon: Sicon
Type: Support
Health: 125
Speed: 133%, (with Powershot equipped), 100%, (with any other melee weapon equipped}

The Smasher is often thought by his teammates to be a pain in the neck. That's often the last thought they ever think. Although not capable of much damage by himslef, he's more than capable of helping his teammates win the day. His Hydrator buys precious few seconds to reqroup, and his Suppressor can lay down cover fire for his teammates. His Powershot is his secret weapon, giving the Smasher a speed boost as well as being able to launch stun-causing tennis balls and possessing a vicious taunt attack called Deflector Slice. Using the Powershot, the Smasher becomes a very versatile force, able to work on offense, defense, or support.


Primary: High-Velocity Suppressor

Secondary: Hydrator

Melee: Powershot