Spotter 300px Basic Information Icon:  Spotter icon
Type:  Support
Speed: 103% (same as Medic)

38% (when scoped; same as Heavy spinning his minigun)

Hate to tell you, amigo, but you've just been spotted.
The Spotter to his victims

Although not menacing at first glance, the Spotter is a threat to any enemy, especially when paired with a Sniper. His Tagging Binoculars allow anyone on his team to see the movements of any enemy tagged by it, even through walls. They can also reveal disguised or cloaked spies, gaining his teammates an advantage. His Magnum allows him to push forward into the heat of battle, and his Machete can swiftly take out any enemies he deems too close for comfort.

Basic strategyEdit

  • Communicate with your teammates! If you see the beacon and they don't, it's up to you to give advanced warning. 
  • If you see any enemy Spies, tag them before they can disguise.
  • Your Tagging Binoculars have no effect on teammates. Because they only need recharging upon a successful tag, they're useful for Spy checking.
  • Your Magnum's pellet spread isn't as wide as the stock Shotgun, so use that to your advantage.
  • You are ill-equipped to deal with Scouts. Tag them quickly and let your teammates do the rest.
  • Tagging a building causes mini-crits against it for 5 seconds. Once you've tagged, get out of the way! Let loose with your Magnum from a safe distance, or coordinate with a teammate for a combined attack.